Register for BlueTech Expo and CHOW 2020

Please note! BlueTech Expo and Capitol Hill Ocean Week are sharing a registration platform this year for our joint virtual event. It is extremely important that you check the "Are you interested in the BlueTech Expo" check box on the registration form (example below), so we can make sure you have complete access to the event!

Steps to enroll:

  1. Select the number of participants registering and click "Register." The number of your "eTickets" will appear on the right
  2. Complete the registration form.  Don't forget to click the BlueTech Expo check box!
    1. Contact information is for the person making the registration
    2. For each attendee you are registering enter name and email address.  If you are the attendee, you will put your information in twice - once as the registration contact, the second as an attendee 
    3. Select your Professional Category, Zip Code
    4. Check BlueTech Expo
    5. Repeat for each attendee
  3. Click "Complete Registration" and you're all set!
  4. You may also want to register to receive updated information about BlueTech Expo and scheduled presentations!  Please use the form on our Contact page to be included in our announcements.